Meditation Message – 24th September 2012

A very good friend of mine, and fantastic Energy Healer (Ross Cotton) provided me with information on grounding and meditation techniques that have quite literally changed my life and enhanced my connection with the angelic realms.  I use these very valuable techniques at least once a day (often many many more than those) and during these meditation and grounding sessions I have been given guidance that the angels wish to pass on to everyone.  I decided that it would be a good idea to create a space on the internet where these messages could be collected and kept for reference and information.  So this is what this blog is about.

This was the message from the angels this morning:

So often you forget that you evolve, grow and change every second of every day.  This may not mean much to you when you hear this but it means that you are always new, always different and always moving forward.  It may not seem as though everything that happens in your life experience is positive – but we never said that all forward movement would be a joyous event – you move towards what you need and sometimes you need to feel the sadness, the loss, the pain to grow and evolve and learn.  Even though the feeling is to you ‘negative’ it is still progress.  It is something that we know that we want to share with you.  You are not being punished, you are not on the wrong path, you are simply changing and understanding and whether it feels good, bad, indifferent it is all progress.

It also means that the past cannot harm you unless you allow it to or choose to.  Understand that you are literally and physically different every second, your cells change and new ones take the place of the old ones.  You ARE different from yesterday in every possible way. You may not believe this because you do not FEEL different – but that feeling is your choice.

People don’t react to me differently, how can I be different if I or others do not see it? This is a common question and one which we answer in this manner: People respond to who THEY THINK you are. It is impossible to truly know another without being able to access their inner most thoughts and dreams, you only know of people what you believe of them and what they allow you to see and know.  Therefore, it is not important what another person thinks of you or about you because they do not KNOW you.  Only you KNOW you and you are different with every second.  Therefore, it is only possible that you will see and understand these changes and this growth and do not need the approval of others for this to be.  IT IS HOW IT IS.

Do not let what happened yesterday, a week or a year ago appear to be the basis of who you are.  Yes it shaped your path and your journey but it was a step along the road – not who you are.  You are not that person any longer.  We see who you are, we want you to see it too.  Consider that you are someone new every time that you wake in the morning with the benefit of knowing what you have learned before today. This allows you to see the infinite possibilities that life holds for you; that you hold for you.

This is a very positive and empowering message and one that I just knew that I had to share with you all.  I hope that you enjoyed this message and I look forward to sharing many more with you.  For information on the techniques mentioned in this post please see Tolemac’s Blog.

If you have any questions about this message or my readings please feel free to contact me:

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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