Welcome to Aravelle Angel’s Blog

Aravelle Angel as you may know is a company I created and started running in March 2010 (so it had it’s second birthday this year!).
I started performing oracle card readings about 7 ago because someone bought me a deck of Angel Cards because I thought they were beautifully illustrated.  I started to realise that although I did not seem to be able to read for myself I found reading and gathering messages for other people a sort of gift.  When I joined the Powerful Intentions community I began offering readings to people to help them, the demand for these readings was so great (and the feedback so wonderful and encouraging) that I decided to open my online business to attempt to help other people, all over the world with questions and dilemmas that they may have.
To date, the business has been doing really well, building up a loyal and happy-to-recommend client base, and allowed me help people with some issues they have not even told their best friend or closest family member.  It has been a very rewarding experience and I have learned much about myself also through this process.
As with any business it would be lovely to be able to reach more people, and unlike many online card reading businesses the main aim for Aravelle Angel is not making millions through charging extortionate amounts for readings which are computer generated or expecting people to pay £1.50 for a text message or per minute on a premium rate phone number. Instead Aravelle Angel strives to help people understand the path that they are current walking and that despite appearances to the contrary they create their own reality.
Aravelle Angel readings are very much based in the field of Law of Attraction and therefore are very empowering as the messages I recieve from the angels show people where they may be blocking what they want to come to them, most of the time subconsciously, and what they can do to remove this block or get back on their true path.
Every single reading is unique, each one written for the person requesting the reading, and again unlike other card reading business I am happy for people to email me after they have recieved their reading with feedback or questions, in fact I welcome this as I truly do wish to be any assistance I can.
So if you are new to Aravelle Angel or you have known about it for some time, welcome to the blog created to share messages from the angels and help staying on the path of Law of Attraction.
Love, Light & Blessings,
Helen xxx

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