How to Have Everything that you Ever Wanted

So often when people come to me they are asking how to get what they have been wanting for a long time, or they are wanting something new based on what has happened to them, or they want to undo something that they didn’t want to happen in the first place; and even though each reading provides completely personalised information the angels always have similar advice in relation to this subject.  

Although we always seem to think that anything we want we have to fight tooth and nail for and that nothing in life worth having comes easy, the truth is that this is just what we are taught by people that have forgotten the one simple truth that life holds – you can have anything as long as you know that you deserve it and you believe you can have it.  It’s not the fault of those people that have taught us these things, they are doing the best with the information that they have and with what they have been taught and this is never about blame, it’s about learning that by turning off this old pattern of thinking and believing, distancing yourself from it and learning to truly believe in and love yourself you can have anything that you want, be anything that you want and do anything that you want.  How amazing is that?

You see, the thing is I tell people this as I know this to be the truth (and the angels tell me this so many times about people and during their readings, and also on a personal level!) is that this brings about a weird double-edged sword feeling in a lot of people because this means that they are responsible for their creative process and that they can have everything that they want but at the same time it means that they have been blocking their good up until now.  This is not the end of the world as many people see it, it is in fact the first thing/day/lesson of the rest of your life.  You can either panic about what this means and what might come your way as a result of what you have been thinking, or you can see this as the golden opportunity that it is.  This is the first step towards things being the way that you want them.

So are you brave enough to take the first step and stop listening to what other people tell you is what you can have, be or do? Are you brave enough to pull back and look at the path your walking and check whether this leads along the way the people before you have gone, or whether this veers off in the direction of being the exception to the rules that you were taught.  If you are, stick with the blog, it’s going to get interesting…

Love and Light

Helen xxx



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