The Power of Love

Something I seem to be saying to a lot of people that are having readings from me lately, which is becoming a bit of a theme overall, is that there is one thing that brings about everything that you could ever want and then a whole heap of other stuff that you never allowed yourself to want.  What is it? It’s love.

Now I’m not talking about loving someone else, loving everything in the entire world without exception, I’m not talking about sticking a happy face on even though you feel awful. What I am talking about is learning to get to know who you really are.

That might sound strange, because, well, we all think we know ourselves intimately; we spend all our time with ourselves, we can hear our own thoughts and we feel our own feelings but the truth of the matter is there is a BIG difference between who we think we are and who we really are.  The key is to understand when we are existing and when we are living.  If you ask me what’s the difference between existing and living, then you need to stop and take a long hard look at who it is that you think you are.

When I read for someone I see their energy and I interpret the messages that the angels have for them.  These messages come to the people that the angels know that you really are.  That part of you that is like them, the part of you that makes you You.  The energy on the other hand is nearly almost always bogged down with ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to bes’ and ‘trying to make such and such happys’.  It’s never, actually I take back never as there have been I would say 2 people in my 3 years in business that have had clear, relaxed, calm, happy energy.  They aren’t lucky, they worked at finding themselves beneath all that crap that we kid ourselves is our stuff and is who we are.  So when I read for someone the message has to be modified by me and Them into a way that says, you are better, bigger, stronger, smarter, braver and more perfect than you think you are.

It’s true. You are something amazing.  There will not be another You ever, ever again.  How old is Earth? How long have people been on this big, blue marble? There has never been a You before and there never will be again.  Kind of a trip, huh?  That should give you the kick in the pants to think that perhaps because that is true that maybe you should be living your life the way you want to, because by pretending to be someone you are not means you’re effectively trying to be someone else and that’s like flicking the bird to the Universe and saying ‘you made a mistake when you made me, Me.’

Loving who you are isn’t a bad thing.  It isn’t a conceited or a selfish action it is (and I am going to put this in capitals for emphasis) WHAT YOU WERE PUT HERE TO DO.  Now I know, it sounds really easy but then you look in the mirror and see that pooch or you find yourself just doing what you always did to make someone happy because it ‘makes life easier’ and you think you’ll never be able to do this.  But you know what the big secret is?

Just by reading this, by looking at these words on the internet and it making sense somewhere within you, you took the first step.  You acknowledged that this is the truth and you admitted to yourself that you want in on this.  And now, now you’re aware that there is a Real You and a Perceived You.  And the trick from there on is learning which one is which and showing Perceived You the door.

The next few blogs are going to look into ways of starting this journey and you can always have a reading to really kick-start this in motion because They always put it much better than I do!

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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