Who Are You?

So I feel like I’m always saying to people that they need to get to know the real them and to be comfortable with who that really means that they are.  But then they always ask me the same question: ‘how do I get to know who I am?’

The truth is that we are all born into this world the best, most perfect, untainted version of ourselves that we will ever be.  We still have that connection to the loving energy that created us in the first place and we understand that when we ask for things we are given them.  Babies are not shy about asking (or should that be telling) people what they want, what they need and they make no apologies for it.  They don’t ask quietly, they don’t sit and wait for us in case we had something better to do, they make it known to their parents (and sometimes the whole neighbourhood) that they need something.  Some people think this is because they do not know how to communicate their needs in any other way, the truth is they may not know the language yet but they know that when you want something or need something you let it be known and you expect it to happen.  It’s not because they don’t know any better, it’s because they know what we have forgotten.  That is that we create our lives and if we are too scared, to worried about what other people will think to ask for the things we want, we won’t get them.  Babies and animals are a perfect example of not getting caught up in what ‘should’ and how we are ‘supposed’ to behave.  Two words that the world would be a better place if these were used less (maybe even not at all).  They want something or need something and they ask for it, as they get older they sometimes just snatch it out of the hand of some other kid.  They don’t apologise for what they did, whether it be keeping you up all night or peeing on your new sofa.  They argue when they get told by their parents that they ‘need’ to act a certain way and behave in a manner that simply put pleases the parent more than the child.  It’s interesting how we go from there to where we are now.  Too scared to voice opinions in case people get offended, too shy to have the lives we want because we worry about depriving other people and that there isn’t enough and most of all not able to answer the simplest of questions:

So who are you anyway?

Oh, I know some will read that and say that you know who you are. Some of you might but I’m betting that more of you know who you should be, who you think you have to be and what you’ve convinced yourself you are happy being more than you ever consider the truth of the matter.  What is that truth?  That truth is the things you want to do but your scared people will mock you if you tell them, the truth is those ‘guilty pleasures’ that you keep to yourself.  The truth is what you want to be or do that is so radically different from what you think that you ‘had’ to do and be to make other people happy.  The truth is that all the good and wonder that you want for those people that you love and care about is not actually what you want for them, it’s what you want for yourself but it’s ‘selfish’ to want that stuff for your own benefit isn’t it?

Would you believe me if I said no?  Would you believe that being selfish is something that the angels don’t see as bad thing AT ALL.  Being selfish means putting yourself, your wants, your needs, your happiness before that of anyone else’s.  The dirty little secret that no tells is that you cannot make another person happy, you cannot improve the experience of anyone else, and you cannot deprive yourself so that someone else can benefit.  That’s law.The only thing you can do is to wish someone well while you follow your dreams (whether they approve or not), change things for your benefit and lead by example.  Give yourself everything knowing that there is more than enough for everyone.

So let me ask you again. Who are you really?

You don’t need to tell me, but you can leave a comment if you like.  I feel it helps to write it out.  It helps to know who you are not all the stuff you’ve collected along the way.  And once you see the difference you can start to let go, to drop those ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’.  You can truly be you and in the words of Dr Seuss ‘those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

Love and Light

Helen xxx



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