Begin from Within

So you’ll see I just posted a photo, it’s one of those generic quotes that you find on Pinterest or your newsfeed on Facebook because it’s been shared a million times and someone you know found it.  Generally, I’m not a big fan of these quotes, they’re all a bit trite for my liking or then there’s the ones that are something negative wrapped up in pretty packaging to make the message sound positive.  If this is happening for you, then you’re life is set or if you’re putting up with this you should stop.  Those types of messages that give the impression that there’s a right way to live and a wrong way to live.  Now I don’t believe that they’re all terrible, hence the photo because this one has a clear message I can get behind.  It says something actually true.  I mean for example the last one I saw was something about if a guy pauses his video game to reply to your text message you should marry him – seriously? That’s what we’re being told is special now is it?  I understand it might meant in a joking fashion (at least I hope so) but I tend to stay away from these quotes because, well they seem to be just about conforming to what you’re ‘supposed’ to be and ‘supposed’ to have and being well…trendy.

The quote I posted on the other hand is something much substantial and as fortune would have it, it fitted perfectly with what I was going to blog about today.  That is the idea of beginning from within.  This is a phrase I understand that many people have seen and it may be something that some people think they understand and that is that everything we do, think or say has come from within us. That’s true it has but it’s a little bit more in-depth than that.  When you know who you are, covered in the last blog, when you know You, when you take responsibility for the life you have and the life you want and truly understand that all of this is down to you and you alone you’re beginning from within.  Nothing you want, desire, need (although I dislike that word) doesn’t come from anywhere other than within you.  I know what you’re thinking you don’t have a couple of million pounds/dollars tucked away behind a kidney but the ability to attract that abundance, that’s all you baby!

See we always seem to think that the things that we want, the experiences that we want to have, the products, the people, the sense of self and knowing who you are comes from the external. It seems to make sense that the things we don’t have are out there somewhere and we have to find them.  I get why people think like that, doesn’t make it true though.  Think about how long you’ve wanted something, anything. You’ve hoped, you’ve wished, you’ve plotted and schemed and tried everything you can think of to make it happen and yet it still hasn’t.  You see the one thing that people don’t try is the one thing that works.  It’s allowing it to happen.  Trusting, knowing, believing that for no other reason than you want it you will have it.

When you don’t care when other people tell you that you have to go out there and make things happen, when you sit back and watch them struggle and have things fall in your lap because you decided to listen to yourself instead of what other people think. What they ‘know’ what they have ‘experienced’ etc.  You’ll know it’s right because it will feel easy and it will feel good.  Life is to be enjoyed not endured.

When you trust in and believe in yourself and your own decisions, there is nothing that you cannot do.

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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