Why You Don’t Need a Question to have a Reading

This is something that I have been trying to get out there a lot over the last 3 years because it is something that seems to get a bit confused.  I am an angel oracle card reader and I am really good at what I do. I put my heart and soul into every reading, every relationship with my customers who I consider a family and I am always there for them to talk things through with and for feedback etc.  As a business model goes it’s probably not the greatest in terms of making my millions anytime soon because I know a lot of places charge for follow-up advice and questions but I don’t, I love what I do and that’s what drives me.

I have found through the time I have been reading for people that the majority of the people who come to me say they need a reading or they have a burning question that they need answering and that’s fine and good that they decided to ask a higher power for some assistance when they need it most, but the angels and I know that most people who don’t feel they ‘need’ a reading would benefit from one as much, if not more, than those in a dilemma or a crisis.  You see the readings where people have allowed the guidance to come through to them without it being tailored to what they want or ‘need’ to know often have the most profound information and guidance within them and this is because this is the sign that someone is open to whatever they need to know for their benefit, they are accepting what it is that is helpful and pertinent for them to know and allowing the angels to provide this to them.

Often people think that readings are to help make things better, to see the truth in a bad situation, to work out what to do now that something has gone wrong and they can do that and a lot of the times they are a turning point for people but think if things are already going well for you and you ask the angels for guidance they will give you the information you require to make things even better!

You don’t need to be in a dilemma or a crisis to have a reading.  You don’t have to have a question or a theme for the reading.  You just have to be open and excited to see what the angels have in store for you and what you have created for yourself.

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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