In the Spirit of Love and Compassion… Get a Grip

So I’ve been home for about an hour  and in that time 3 separate people have popped up to tell me how bad they have things.  How much they want things to improve, why it can’t and what’s so terrible about their situation and with love and compassion I want to say to them and to anyone else thinking that the world is against them – get a grip!

You are not so special that all the forces of the Universe have decided to pick on you.  There is no vendetta that fate and destiny have against you.  There is no unclimbable hill that you need to get to the top of for things to be better.  You are doing this to yourself.  Now this may seem to lack a certain level of compassion and you might be right but I’m saying this to myself as much as you.  You’re having a crap time because you chose to.  Things aren’t going right because you don’t expect them to, maybe you don’t even really want them to deep down because you love a good drama.  Nothing’s going to get better because you can list a thousand and one reasons why it won’t and not one single, solitary reason why it will.  Seriously? This is a shock? You spend all your time complaining to anyone who will listen about how bad things are and you expect something magical to fix it for you (even though you won’t believe it will fix it until things are perfect for you).

Now maybe I’m grumpy, maybe I’m being a total cow but I needed to hear this and I bet you that some of you did too.  So I’m going to say it, for me and whoever else.

Everyone has crappy things happen to them, it’s how you deal with it that counts.  Life isn’t a series of perfect events that mean you smile every second (and I mean that like going from one thing you want to another thing you want).  In fact everything that happens in your life happens for you not to you.  Every experience, every problem, issue, argument, loss, struggle is for your benefit.  You would not be who you are today without them and without further ones you won’t be who you can be.  You’re crappy thing is no worse than someone else’s yet the need to prove how awful it is happens all the time.  You can let it win, or you can see it for what it is. A stepping stone on a journey to being everything that a higher power knows you can be.  

You are not just the person you think you are, the body you live in, the thoughts in your head and the words that you say.  You’re definitely not what other people think or tell you that you are.  You are an amazing, unique, special being that cannot be quantified, cannot be limited and cannot be controlled – except by YOU.  You have the potential to be, do, say, have, achieve anything. Literally ANYTHING and yet you choose to wallow, to worry, to doubt, to fear and to think that none of this good stuff applies to you.  Now man or woman up and put down the victim mask, it never suited you anyway, and look at this crappy thing and say the best line from Labyrinth – “You have no power over me”.

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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