Are you Indigo?


Indigo is a term that has been used for a long time in metaphysical circles to explain and encapsulate the group of people that have been becoming more and more obvious as time has been passing.  Depending on the source of the information you are currently reading, the time of the Indigos is stated as being over the last 100 years or even from 1978 onwards, however as with most things in this infinite and eternal Universe time is not really important.  As long as there have been people there have been Indigos.  Many people throughout history, specifically those who are quoted on the internet on those serene backgrounds of trees or lakes or something. 🙂 are Indigos are were Indigos in training.

So what is an Indigo and are you one? I know that’s what you’re thinking and this is the purpose of this blog.  The following traits are what I have been shown Indigos are from the angels and there may be some traits that do not apply to you, or you might be the type of person who ticks every box either way trust the feeling that you get as you read these traits and if you want more information on Indigo-ness don’t be afraid to see what Google can offer you, after all it knows a lot.  That, or you can always contact me for more information ( or perhaps treat yourself to a reading using my new (and I’m very excited about this) Indigo deck which is really going to speak to and connect with all the Indigos out there.

Am I Indigo?

  • Indigo people often feel like the ‘odd man out’, feeling distant and different from the people that they grow up with, go to school with or indeed are related to.  There is a great sense of feeling ‘wrong’ or ‘different’ because Indigos vibrate at a higher level than many other people and this can cause them to feel that there is something ‘wrong’ with them.
  • Indigo people often are diagnosed with depression, bi-polar disorder or some other type of emotionally based mental health issue and this is down to the fact that many Indigos need to know the ins and outs of everything, over think to the point of driving themselves crazy and often see the world completely differently from the masses.
  • Indigo people know their own mind, are strong in their convictions and can often be quite headstrong and determined.  Often times attempting to get other people to see their way of thinking and believing.
  • Indigos are very creative, often with many skills and not simply proficiency in one.  Many indigos are writers, artists, singers, performers, with a flair for music, fashion, art or jewellery.
  • Indigos have a greater sense of something bigger than themselves.  Often Indigos have connections to the spiritual and realms of Source through communication with angels, extra terrestrial beings, other dimensions or through being channels for those who have passed over (or any of the previously listed entities).  Many Indigos (perhaps 80%) are psychic whether this is known to them or not.
  • Indigos often have a problem with money, whether this is never having enough to go around or despite being very talented never earning very much as a salary.
  • Indigos are helpers, often to their own detriment.
  • Indigos can jump between little to no self worth to believing themselves to be the most wonderful person in the world, although the low self esteem seems to be more prevalent.
  • Indigos are prone to insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Indigos have a strong connection to the natural world, especially large bodies of water.
  • Indigos can seem very calm on the surface but often have a great ability to act out when pushed and can withdraw away from people as though they do not need them (this does not make them feel good and sometimes they are not aware that they do this).
  • Indigos bore very easily and need to be stimulated and kept busy.
  • Indigos are very susceptible to the energy and feelings of other people and can often feel hurt, upset, depressed etc as a result of the way that someone else feels.  Often this is not understood to be the reason at the time. Indigos would greatly benefit from regular grounding and centring. (Check out Tolemac’s blog in the links section of this blog for information on these topics).

As I said, not everyone will have these traits but if you have the vast majority of these then you are either an Indigo or an Indigo in training, which means that you have some work to do to unlock your truest nature.  If you have all of these and could expand upon them (meaning these seem to be the tip of the iceberg) then you are a Lightworker (like me :-))

Indigos are the next step in human spiritual evolution, think the X-Men, and more and more of these people are coming to the forefront and 2013 was the year that this was going to become more obvious and more people were going to learn and understand their true nature, which is why so many of us are having a tough time this year. It will be worth it in the end because often understanding that you are an Indigo often shows that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are different for a reason and also that you are not alone.

As I said above, I have a new Indigo Deck that I am so excited to be able to offer to anyone but especially those who identify with these traits and start to see that they are part of this spiritual evolution and expansion. At the moment the Indigo deck is not available as an option to select on the website but you can let me know that you want to use this deck and I will be delighted to read for you using this.  I feel it is very important for Indigos to understand what they are here to do, their purpose and the fact that they are not supposed to simply follow the crowd and I hope this deck and the readings I can provide will help many who have felt lost for so long.  Please check out the website for more information.  Pick a span that speaks to you and use the Indigo deck. I promise you will not regret it.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

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