To Complain is Human, to Accept Divine

Complaining is something we all do, something that a lot of us don’t even realise that we are doing and something that is a real trap for creating nothing but what we don’t want.  It’s so easy to notice and highlight, usually to anyone who is listening, what is wrong with something, someone or a situation rather than looking past what seems to be the negative and seeing the bigger picture.  Complaining is only looking at what is at the end of your nose not what is actually in front of you.  

Identifying what you don’t want in a situation is one thing, it takes a moment and it is generally a feeling rather than a conscious thought and a little complaining in order to get to a point of understanding what you don’t want always begets what you do want.  However, complaining can take root and become something much bigger and all consuming if we don’t make a conscious effort not to pull ourselves out of this hole.  As the title says to complain is human, to accept is divine.

Now what I mean by this is that although we all complain and we all ‘bang the drum’, to borrow a phrase from Abraham, of how bad things are, how we want things to be different and how much we don’t have this does not mean that it is actually any help.  I bet most of you don’t even realise just how much complaining goes on around you, to you and comes out of you until you take a conscious look at it and notice it.  In fact do that today, tomorrow and from now on, notice the way people talk to you, around, the news, the social media and of course what you say and think because a lot of the time we complain without even realising that we are doing it.  And, once you are aware of it you can change it.

Like I said, complaining as a means to identify what you don’t want and then by extension what you do is not a bad thing; but continued, lengthy and habitual complaining about anything and everything is something that hinders our progress, makes us unable to create what we want (without taking away that sense that we are trying), and even the ability to notice and appreciate things when they do come our way. Complaining is a hole you dig to plant seeds to grow new possibilities but instead of using it in the way the tool was designed we keep digging and then complain we are in a mucky, dirty and deep hole.  If you keep digging that’s what’s going to happen.

If you can get passed the complaints, the constant noticing of what is not right and start to see that things are as they are.  There are always positives in every situation but by choosing not to look for them means many opportunities become problems and much potential becomes problems.  It is a shame that we choose by default to look at the dark instead of the light.  How often have you gazed at the night sky and noticed the black of the sky, you usually notice the stars and the moon.  You instinctively look at the light and the beauty that without the darkness would not be as easy to see.  This is the way to approach life.  Yes, it seems there is a problem, it feels displeasing and you want something else, someone else or a change but that does not mean that there is nothing that you can use to your advantage in that moment.  You just have to look deeper.  Don’t fight against what you don’t want, accept it as a starting point to build and make more.  When you choose to look for the good you will find it, when you continue to look for it everyday you will be amazed how much is there and you will be staggered to see how things begin to change for you.

Try not to complain about anything for one day, sounds easy doesn’t it?  But give it a try and be really mindful of what you say and what you think.  It’s so much nicer to live without the constant complaints.  There is so much more potential.

And as always remember, you cannot change the way other people see things or react to things and even though it may sadden you to see how negative some people are, trust that your openness, your acceptance and your positivity will touch them in some way without you having to try to get them to see the world as the wonderful hub of potential and possibility that it is.

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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