Angel Card Reading for 22nd October 2013

Here’s what guidance the angels have for us for the next few days:-

The angels are showing me that although you may be feeling as though the time has come to turn your back on something or indeed that you are ignoring something that is not pleasing to you that this is not the time for this to be your focus.  It is hard to turn and face those things that we do not want to see, or that make us feel uncomfortable and out of place but these next few weeks are very important in terms of healing and dealing with things that otherwise will hold us back and weigh us down. Until mid November the angels call for people to be brave and to stand their ground, stay put, don’t run away from things and do not be afraid to wait and see what better things are coming your way.  This is not a time to make radical changes or to make life altering decisions because the whole picture is not yet clear.  Stay where you are for the moment and this may mean you need to be strong, to be brave or that you have to take on the chin something that you have been trying to avoid for a long time.  Don’t rush into anything, don’t be forced into anything and do not think that you have to do anything or make any big choices at this time because the angels suggest staying right where you are for the moment because this will have better results for you in the long run.

Todays reading was taken from the Indigo Deck.

For a personalised reading in relation to anything that is bothering you, or just for some general guidance please visit the website: 

Love and Light

Helen xxx



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