Angel Card Reading 4th – 10th November 2013

This is the guidance that the Archangels have for us this week.

Empathy is important as we move through the challenges we face because as we have faced and been brought eye to eye with things that we did not want to address and resolve at this time, we are not the only ones.  Even though we cannot understand the challenges that another has faced we are encouraged to try to feel empathy that they have struggled and fought with things as we have done and that by being in this way we can encourage without words and actions those who we want to hear from the most to open up to us.  Now is not the time to ask those taxing questions outright or to try to get someone to open up to us and explain where we stand and why they have acted or treated us the way that they have as this will only push the answers we want further away.  Instead we are asked to be patient knowing that the things that we are feeling and seeing in terms of energy, changes and things from the past coming up before our eyes from ‘out of the blue’ has happened to them as well and in essence we are expecting the same treatment from them.  Now as this change energy has really taken hold we are asked to treat those we care about the way we want to be treated right now, with love and empathy.  This is also a good time to use your sense of humour to get through some of the tougher patches and the symbol of the lotus (interesting as I just updated the website to incorporate this) is important and significant at this time.

It’s time to loosen your grip on something, usually the thing that you want most or fear losing the most, because although holding on is seeming to work right now in the long run it is only going to make someone resent you and make you miserable because whilst clinging onto something you miss out on all the other things that the world has to offer you.  It’s time to let it be what it will be and even though this can be scary it is also much better than restricting ourselves.  The possibilities that life has to offer are so great that the human mind cannot conceive them all and this is why when we allow the angels and the Universe to help is we have a much better experience.  Loosening you grip on this one thing is not allowing it to escape or giving up on it, it is giving it room to grow to be everything we deserve and more.  Loosen your grip with excitement and anticipation, not fear and doubt.  It’s the only way to get what you want from this situation or this person.

This change energy has stirred things up for most of us and this is only going to continue for the next two weeks however it is important to cleanse our auras and our energy.  I am going to attach a link to a grounding and clearing process which I find very useful, try to incorporate this everyday into your life.  It takes a few minutes and really helps to channel this potent energy in ways that benefit us and keep us in control:

For more information on grounding and conscious energy meditation please see

This reading was taken using the Black deck.

If you would be interested in having a personalised reading based on what this reading has brought to mind or heart for you, or for something completely different either email me at or visit the website:

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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