Angel Card Reading 11th – 17th November 2013

Here is the guidance that the angels have for us this week:

As important as it is for us all to understand and realise that the angels surround us always ready to help and guide us, there is a manner in which we can go about gaining the best assistance and guidance from them and this is to ask for it.  So often the angels see us struggle and fight against or with things that could be something magical for us because we do not understand but because we are so fixated that we know what is best for us, we block their assistance and they wish to not interfere within our lives.   They will still gently guide and nudge us along however direct action and input from them will not come while we think we know all the answers and also will not come until we allow it to.  Be open to accepting this guidance and this assistance, yes it may mean that you have to admit that you only know so much even about who you are and what you are capable, and not everything like you may believe you do now.  It can be scary to open up to allowing a force you cannot see, touch or even be truly sure is there on the surface of it but it is beyond worth it when you do.  The angels are waiting for this opportunity to help us all and have watched us struggle and worry, and doubt and fear for so long that should you say the word and ask them to assist you they would be there in a heartbeat.  You deserve the assistance of the heavens and there is no limit on how many they can help or too small a situation or problem for their guidance.  Accept the help they have been wanting to give by asking them to assist you.

Communication is key this week but not as you might expect.  Often when we think of communication we think this means expressing ourselves to another person and even though this is going to be of some benefit to you, the predominant communication that needs to take place is between yourself and the angels and your outer self and your inner self.  Many people do not see that the outer self is different from their inner self and this is a big part of why we often want something and end up with something close.  The inner self knows unlimited possibilities and outcomes and the outer self works within the reality of ‘real life’.  Communication between these two aspects of the self is vitally important to check that you are aiming for what you truly want and not simply what you think is obtainable.  Archangel Gabrielle, the angel of communication is on hand this week to help us not only express ourselves to other people, but most importantly to ourselves. Are you selling yourself short? Do you only think you can achieve part of what you want or are you not even sure what you want? This week is the week to answer these questions.

The final message for this week is that as this chaotic and change energy is slowly coming a close even those not as tapped in, tuned in or turned on to the fluxes of energy changes are going to start to feel it and even though you have been experiencing and dealing with this for a few weeks now and the ups and downs that this has brought you (and most have experienced downs) you are going to be faced with friends, loved ones and people you barely know expressing to you the ways in which this energy is affecting them.  Be prepared to be a shoulder to cry on as this week unfolds perhaps for more than one person.  This can be a very taxing this to have as the energy is still affecting and pulling on you, so don’t get caught up with trying to find solutions for the problems other people are having.  You can show them the path, the ways in which you deal and move forward but don’t try to be mr or ms fix it this week because that’s going to take the eye of the ball for you and cause arguments with those who have come to you with their problems.  You can counsel but you can’t fix, only they can do that so don’t waste time and energy trying to fix things for other people this week.  It has no benefit for you.

This reading was taken using the Green Deck.

If you would be interested in having a personalised reading based on what this reading has brought to mind or heart for you, or for something completely different email me at: or visit the website:

Love and Light

Helen xxx


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