Angel Card Reading 18th – 24th November 2013

Here us the guidance that the angels have for us this week:

The change and somewhat unsettling energy is starting to draw to a close and this is starting to make way for a period of reflection and gathering information and really understanding what it is that we want.  It is something that most of us take for granted and that is that we seem to think that we know what we want, why we want it and most importantly how we are going to get this and it is these assumptions that often keep the things that we want at arms length because we are working from a place of assumption and not knowing.  There is a big difference here even though it might not seem like there is and it is when we know what we want, the reason that we want it is because it will bring us joy and that we don’t have to know when or how it is going to happen, that we can have it.  The angels are at this time suggesting that time spent thinking about what we want is best because so many of us are trying to bring about the life we want whilst focused on what we don’t want and even though this is a good starting point to identify the wanted prolonged thinking about what we don’t want attracts and creates more of it.  So spend some time this week thinking about what you want, why you want it because a lot of things we want because we think we should want them not because we actually do and allow these things to happen without a fight or without you trying to force them to happen.

Now is also a great time to put your brain into action and come up with those big ideas that are going to be goals to work towards and to really allow yourself to dream and think big about what you want to do and who you want to be.  It’s a great time after all that up and down of the energy of the last few weeks to see how strong you are, how centred and how determined you are to succeed and to make your life what you want it to be.  There is always a benefit to any up and down in life and that is usually always to show us the true strength of our character.  However, there is no rush to launch any of these ideas and don’t feel pressured to have all the answers of how you are going to achieve these things because this is a time for forming ideas not forcing yourself to take action. You don’t always have to be forging ahead to be making progress first you have to know what you want and what ideas bring joy and excitement into your life.  This is about forming the concepts of what you want to do and where you want to be and the action will come later, don’t worry.  Keep a notebook to hand or keep track of those great ideas somehow because you are going to be using them soon enough.

After the ups and downs that we have all been feeling the last few weeks the angels show me that there is a great need for a lot of letting go of old baggage and emotions that we have been trying our best to repress for a long time because the idea of having these ‘negative’ emotions worries us and makes us think that we are on the wrong path.  Archangel Uriel is on hand to allow us all the chance to let go of any anger, resentment, pain and unforgiveness that we might be holding onto because despite thinking that this effects other people the truth is that these emotions only impact us and we do not need to hold onto these things to make sure that we never make the same mistakes again.  We have learned these lessons and we can release these old feelings because they have served us and taught us what we needed to know.  It’s ok to have these feelings but not to let them fester and right now is a good time to acknowledge how you feel about past events, people or situations and to let that feeling go knowing that part of your life is over and only good, new experiences await you.

This reading was taken using the Green Deck.

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