Angel Card Reading 10th – 16th March 2014

This weeks guidance is taken from the Black Deck which I am loving at the moment.

Occasionally when I shuffle the deck and ask the angels what guidance they have for us at this time cards will literally leap from the deck, this is the angels wanting to really convey this particular message; and this is what happened with the first card that this reading draws from.


The first message that the angels have for us at this time is that great amounts of energy are moving and shifting, things are aligning and releasing and we are making great strides forwards even if we cannot see it at this time.  Not all change is immediately evident to our eyes and our experience but this does not mean that it is not happen.  A feeling of unease and anxiety often precedes this change because on a vibrational level we understand that things are changing.  We are ever changing beings, no one day is the same as an other even though it may seem to be in our vision from within these situations, everyday we grow and evolve into something better, someone more aligned with our true selves if we allow ourselves to see this it becomes much easier.  Please understand this evolution happens whether you notice it or not, it is more beneficial to you when you understand and choose to work with this not against it as so many of our earth bound friends do.  The only constant in this world is change and yet so many of us resist it.  The angels ask us to throw caution to the wind this week and allow ourselves to release the grasp on these pre-determined outcomes that we give so much of our time and energy to and allow the infinite possibilities to take control, allow the angels to bring us bigger, better and more rewarding than we have been allowing.  Try this for a week and see this evolution, see this change as a good thing, as natural and beneficial to your ultimate outcome.  Release the need to control and micro-manage and get comfortable with being slightly uncomfortable outside of the ‘norm’ and the ‘comfort zone’ because this is where the greatest and most productive evolution happens and miracles occur.

The idea that the things that we want to know, have and be are outside of us has always been something that the angels have watched with amazement about us humans.  The angels want to take this opportunity to remind us all that we have the inherent knowledge and ability to have, be and do everything that we desire within us and there is never need for anything or anyone else to make is better or to provide more for us. We are extensions of the source energy that creates this universe and nothing within this universe struggles and fights to be.  Grass can grow on every surface on the planet, even under water and ice with ease and yet we fight against the idea that we are perfectly capable of creating our own lives for ourselves.  We have become too believing in the concept that others and things are needed to achieve our goals, that we have to take others into consideration and please others to be a good person and many myths that direct our attention from the truth – the power to have anything we want is within us, when we connect with our true selves.  We already have all the answers we seek but we look outside for advice, for reassurance and in some cases to be told what to do.  The only person who knows what is best for you is you, so isn’t it time you started listening to yourself?  Quieten your mind, release the need for others to be involved in your decision making and trust the innate wisdom that is within you, it will not steer you wrong.

What we aspire to, the joy and the happiness that we want to feel does not have to be as far away and as much to strive for as we think.  The angels wish to remind you that this feeling can come in any moment that you allow it to.  You can feel happy when others may believe that you have nothing to be happy about, you can feel joyful whenever you decide to and you can feel a success without having to achieve anything.  How you choose to feel is what brings about what you experience, not what you have before you right now.  Right now is a product of what you used to think and feel, what you think and feel now creates what you will have tomorrow and the day after that.  You are in control of this.  Therefore, the angels call for us all to do things that make us feel good, whether this is related to the outcome we want or not because this will bring to us more reasons to feel good.  This will raise your vibration and turn even the most unappealing and unwanted of situations around us into amazing opportunities.  You can change whatever is happening for you at this time around by simply choosing to feel better about it.  It can change in an instant if you allow it to.

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Love and Light

Helen xxx


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