Angel Card Reading 17th – 23rd March 2014


This weeks guidance is taken from the Indigo Deck.

This week is going to be an interesting time in terms of keeping your own energy in check when surrounded by the negativity and fear of other people.  It is often the case that we feel fine until we speak to someone else and we allow their negativity, worry, doubt and fear to enter into our minds and we take on board the way in which they feel about something and we allow this to impact us and colour our view.  This week the angels are urging us to be mindful and to remain shielded from this negativity and remain in a state of calm, not allowing ourselves to be impacted by the fear and the beliefs of other people.  It is important to remember that the beliefs of others are theirs and theirs alone and even though we may agree to some extent we do not need to take this on board unless we choose to.  it is easy to become sensitive about the things that we want with all our hearts and to become disheartened when others put across their arguments as to why this may not work out but the angels ask you to remain focused on the fact that you create your own life, you do this without the input of others and what they say can only be an issue if you allow it to be.

The angels know we are all wanting something to happen be it something individual to us that we want and are wishing would happen and the angels are showing me that this thing (whatever comes to mind now as being what you want at this time more than anything else) is not being delayed by mere circumstance and external factors, but divine timing.  The things that we want most cannot happen until we have done all the groundwork we need to allow and be receptive to this happening in our lives beforehand.  If we are wanting something so that we will feel happy, the angels show that we have to gain this happiness before hand to allow it to happen and match your vibration.  This is happening to allow you to make the most of this and gain everything that you can when this happens.  This is not a trail run and it is not a try and learn as it unfolds, this is something that you want and something that you desire greatly and the angels want you to lay the groundwork now before it can happen.  Think about what you really want and why you want it, what you want from it, this is what you must gain for yourself first to allow this to happen and come into your experience.

The final card this week is the one that no one ever wants to see, the card of patience. This means that what you want is not going to come into your life exactly at this time, there are still pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place.  This does not mean that it is not going to happen, it just means not yet.  It is easy to get impatient and want the things we want right in this moment but ask yourself, if you were to suddenly be given right now what you want would you be able to make the most of it, are you even ready for it?  This is what the angels are asking you to think about as you follow the guidance for this week.  Stay focused and centred on what you want and do not take on board the negativity of others or their doubt, divine timing is at work and when all the components are ready for your dream to come to life it will.  It is time to be patient and work towards your goal.

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Love and Light

Helen xxx


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