Angel Card Reading 24th – 30th March 2014

This weeks guidance is taken from my original deck, the green deck.

We all have ideas of what we want to have, do or be but most of us base these ideas on what we think is possible, what is logical, what we can evasion happening and within the limitations of what we believe other people can and will do for us.  This is natural and it is something that the angels understand that we all do, what they wish we would be open to would be the idea that these things are just the jumping off point for bigger and better things.  Think about what you want right now, it won’t be hard because as soon as I said it you had the thing you want most in this world come to mind.  Now imagine there were no limitations on how you could achieve, be or get this thing.  None at all.  Imagine it was not dependent on someone else or their behaviour, imagine it was going to come to you like magic, you could click your fingers and you could have it.  Can you imagine that?  Good, now ask yourself if you could have anything by magic without limitation would this be what you actually wanted?  Most will say yes, but if you think about it you would go bigger.  You would swap from I want a new car to I want a brand new porsche, with all the extras. I want more money, to I was £1,000,000 in the bank.  This is what the angels want us to start doing.  There are no limitations except the ones we impose and a lot of the time we do not get what we want, not because it is impossible, we don’t deserve it or we are asking too much; but for the exact opposite.  It is possible, we deserve more than that and we are not asking for enough.  It is time to reach for the stars and set your sights higher than you have been.  This is not a time for compromise, it is not a time for watering down dreams, it is now that the angels want you to know exactly what you want without restriction, limitation or ‘realistic’ thinking because your reality is what you make it and what you allow it to be.  You deserve the best in everything that you want to have, do and be so stop thinking and aiming so small.

The question the angels get asked a lot is how to make something happen (second only to when something is going to happen) and the best way to achieve anything is to follow your heart, that deep calling within you lets you know when something is right and when something is not and we all have that little voice that lets is know when we are aligned and when we are not.  We often mistake fear for something being wrong for us or a sign that we should not do something but this is easily remedied because you know that without that one worry (or many depending on what you are thinking about) you would love to follow that course of action. The angels are showing me that this week is about following your inner voice and doing what your heart tells you is the right thing to do.  It is about showing yourself and the angels that you put your own happiness first and foremost and that you are willing to go after your happiness and make what you want yours.  It is all about staying true to yourself this week, it is not about giving in and doing what other people want you to.  The angels ask that you be mindful this week often asking yourself ‘do I actually want to do that?’ If the answer is no, then do something else instead, find a more fun way to achieve the same goal.  Life is to be enjoyed not endured so follow your heart this week and good things await you.  I am shown that there may be a very nice surprise for you at the very beginning of next week which will only be possible by following your heart.

As I have stated things are going to start to improve for you and the energy around us this week shows increased moods and energy meaning that a lot of us may be very hopeful, optimistic, ballsy and feeling very much in control even though we may not have everything exactly as we may want it.  I am shown that there is a great sense of feeling as though something wonderful is about to happen around the middle of next week (perhaps earlier after you read this) and this is such a strong creative force (hope, joy, excitement and optimism) that you may notice small glimpses of something big that you have been wanting coming to fruition.  The angels do want to warn you that they see at this time that someone that you thought would be very happy for you may not be as supportive as you may have hoped and even though you may be disappointed by their lack of interest or envy it is important to remain centred and in control.  Don’t let others bring you down towards the end of the week.  They don’t create your life, you do and how they feel about what you are doing is none of your business.  Keep this in mind because if you allow them to affect you, you may miss out on something wonderful that is going to show them to follow your example soon enough.  Stay strong and stay upbeat, others will follow and do the same in time through watching you, not if you come down to their level.  Lead by example and see rewards as you do.  It’s win win for you.

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Love and Light

Helen xxx



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