When the Going Gets Tough…


Earlier this week it occurred to me that I might have to close my business.

Sales had been slow for coming up to 6 months and borrowing money to get by, not having enough to advertise to gain more custom and sleepless nights worrying about upcoming bills were mounting on top of me.  I felt like I was drowning.

The people I spoke to about my choices told me that my area of business was a tough market because people often didn’t have enough spare money to spend it on something like a reading and that the market was absolutely saturated with psychics, angel whisperers, aura readers and those who can get messages from dead loved ones (fake and legitimate).  Some seemed relieved when I said I might have to get a “real” job, as rejoining the Matrix appeared to make me easier to understand.  They apparently missed the point.

I never thought that becoming an Angel Oracle Card Reader full time would make me a millionaire, in fact I never had any aspirations to make huge amounts of money through my business.  That was never my point, the point was this strong calling to help people understand and put into practice the most powerful knowledge in the universe: that they create their own lives and that they are never alone in doing so, the angels are always on hand to help remove and clear the blocks we create and put in our own way.  I don’t see buying a reading as a luxury, I see it as being open to loving yourself enough to gain the assistance and the guidance you need to have the life you want and you deserve; and it struck me that so many people that I spoke to thought about gaining a greater understanding of how they create their own lives as a luxury and not a priority.  It was that realisation that made me determined not to give up on my dream.  It was that realisation that told me the world needs people like me to keep getting this message out there because imagine what would happen if we all reached for our full potential, took responsibility for our own lives and what was happening for us (not to us) within  them as a starting point to make it what we truly desire and deserve?  Can you imagine that? I can and that is why I decided that I couldn’t give up on my dream.

It is strange to think that many would consider what I do as a luxury or for entertainment purposes and not something that they should spend their money on. (Seriously my readings start from £4 which is about $6)  It reminded me how we are taught to not ask questions, to not aim higher and to stay within those parameters of life that mean we only ever go for what is obtainable, logical and seemingly possible.  You ask someone what they want and how often are you met with generalisations ‘I want to be happy.’ But when you ask them what they don’t want the list is huge.

Going after your dreams can be tough, it’s not something a lot of us are taught to do.  It’s tough when other people don’t understand because we think they have to for this to be the right thing to do and the truth is it doesn’t matter.  The only person stopping you from gaining everything you want in life is you.  The only person who’s opinion about how you live your life that matters is yours.

I know I am not what people generally expect when they think of an Oracle Card Reader, I don’t wear those swishy long purple skirts, or anything made of hemp; I am usually in jeans and a band T-Shirt of some description. I don’t waft sage around my house to clear bad energy, I have no green man sculptures anywhere and I don’t talk in a low, calming whisper.  But, I like to think this is what sets me apart from many other Oracle Card Readers I have seen online.  I’m 32, learning to live my life as my own creation as well as all my customers, friends and family.  I am learning by doing (and no, I can’t read for myself).  I understand where my customers are at and the challenges they face and I learn through reading for them, for helping them and I know I have helped many people.

It would be easy to give up, to re-join the Matrix and trundle along trying to forget I know that my life can improve significantly anytime I choose it to so I have decided I’m not giving up, I’m not quitting and I am not letting doubt, fear, worry and what other people might think win.


In the end I know I will only regret giving in without seeing what I could truly accomplish, and as the picture says there is nothing worse than regret.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

If you would be interested in gaining some clarity, guidance or assistance on creating your own life experience please visit the website: http://www.aravelleangel.com or email me: aravelleangel@gmail.com for information on spans, special offers and prices.

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