Weekly Reading 11th – 17th August 2014

The first thing that the angels are showing me is that this week is all about believing in yourself, your talents, abilities and skills because it may feel like no one else is seeing them or appreciating them.  This is an outward manifestation of the things that you have been saying to yourself over and over inside your head for sometime and it is time to change this. It is important to remember that you have achieved so much and continue to demonstrate how capable and able you are every single day as you move forward.  Only you can change the way that the energy flows to you and the things that you see as a result of the work that you have done.  You are being asked to appreciate your own talents and skills, to see the ways in which you have dealt with problems and overcome issues in the past.  You have the ability to make a huge success of anything that you put your mind to and to really make something out of nothing.  This is a good time to really sink your teeth into a new project, to start something that you have been putting off and procrastinating about.  It is a good time to look into starting that business that you have often thought about but decided that you needed more information, the truth is that you only need the backing of your own belief in yourself to make a big success of whatever you decide to start this week.  It is by putting yourself out there, by starting these things and by getting the ball rolling that you will begin to see more and more magical opportunities coming your way.  It is only then that you will start to see the true potential that you have and that the angels have been wanting you to tap into for some time.  This is the beginning of an exciting time for you, but only you can choose to jump in and start this know being your own biggest cheerleader and your own biggest fan. You have all the skills to be a huge success, now let yourself be.
Change is coming through very strongly in these messages of the last few weeks and it is not done yet.  Now the angels show me that there is a big push happening for a lot of us and this means that we might find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that call for a lot of soul searching and really having to stay strong and motivated.  Now is not the time for falling back into old habits, doing thinge the way that you have always done them or trying to keep things as they are.  Change has to happen and this has to be done in different ways than you have tried before.  This is a real push outside of the comfort zone and no matter how much you might feel like you want to get back in there the message of the angels is to stay out of it as long and as much as possible because this is when real change is going to happen.  This is a good time for looking into new options, for trying out new plans and schemes and for looking away from the old way that you used to do things.  Not everything that you try will be a perfect fit first time but it will change a lot of the energy around things that you consider stuck and not changing.  It will force evolution in the areas of your life that you feel will never change and will always be the same and it will be you making it happen.  It’s time to break free from the old and safe and really start living.  It’s time to move past that which you have been before to become that which you always knew deep down you really were.
You might not be able to always see when the angels are helping you and what they are doing because so much of what they do happens on a different level to that which we are open to and allowing of.  This can be seen as things happening behind the scenes and the angels want to remind you that just because you might not yet have seen things moving in the direction that you want them to go does not mean that it is not happening beneath the surface.  You are being helped at all times and it is at the times where you cannot necessarily see it and touch it that you need to believe the most.  It is all happening for you in the most perfect way possible and this is only ever a good thing for you. Do not give up or give in now before the miracle occurs and before you start seeing the rewards that you want and that you deserve.  Just because you can’t see it happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all!
Love and Light
Helen xxx
This weeks guidance was taken from the Blue Deck

Weekly Reading 4th – 10th August 2014

This week is all about new ideas, inspiration and situations.  You may find yourself literally bursting with new ideas, motivation and inspiration and this is a good week to start those things that you have been putting off an ignoring or have been procrastinating over.  It’s a good time to revisit old projects that you lost steam on and that you pushed aside because then was not the right time.  It is also a good time to start creative projects and to take better care of yourself both physically and mentally.  A good time to form new positive and healthy habits.  However, although you may feel like you can take on the world and do anything the angels recommend not trying to push yourself too far too fast and suggest that you start small on the road to these new habits.  Trying to push yourself too far at this time is a waste of this creative and inspired energy and the angels say that this should be a relaxed and flowing time for you.  Even though you might feel like it is time to get started on those big ideas, the angels suggest keeping a note of these for a time where the angels give you the start for these with you simply needing to build on the momentum that they have put in place for you.  Let the ideas flow but be selective about which ones you decide to give your energy to this week, allow your inspiration to flow.  The angels highlight that now is a good time for that change of eating habits, that intention to exercise more (by simply going for a walk before dinner for example), to start that creative project and to generally start things that boost your wellbeing.

This week is a good week for gut instincts and listening to that inner voice.  There is a lot of energy being directed towards people becoming more aware and aligned this week and the first step towards achieveing this is to understand that your inner guidance does not need to be proven, it does not need to make sense and that you can listen to it.  This inner knowing is something that most of us have already dealt with before because we often wish we would have listened to that knowing that told us how that situation was going to work out for us and the angels want you to understand and be comfortable with knowing that this inner guidance is for you and you alone from your higher self.  Listen to this voice that tells you what is right for you and what is not, it doesn’t matter if other people understand this or agree with you because their inner guidance is for them and them alone.  During this week you may notice that you feel more in alignment with what is going on around you and that you actually feel like you know what is going to happen.  This is a glimpse of what is possible when you are truly in alignment with your true self and the angels are giving us all a taste of what is possible to encourage us to work on this alignment and work towards it.

The final message that the angels have for us this week is that just because what you want has not happened yet does not mean that it is not going to happen. We all impose time limits and timescales on the things that we want, and the angels never work to these.  Time is something that was created by man and when we start to see that things are not coming together in the timeframe that we decided was appropriate we begin to become dispondent and become disappointed and even give up.  The angels work on vibration and alignment and when we feel good we bring to us the things that we want, when we are saying it should have happened by now we are noticing the lack of it and pushing further away.  The angels want us all to practice patience this week because I am shown that we are all close to achieving the things that we want but that this is needing us to follow the other guidance of this reading to be able to see it in our lives.  Patience doesn’t mean being ok without the things that we want, it means being excited that what we want is on it’s way. To not doubt the process and to continue to feel good about it. Soon enough you will be called into action to react to and welcome the things that you want and that you deserve. Enjoy this time to relax, be yourself and gain greater alignment with who you truly are.  Great things are coming.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This week’s guidance was taken from the Green Deck

Weekly Reading 28th July – 3rd August 2014

The angels are showing me that there is a lot of codependency this week, a lot of looking to other people and their issues and problems and trying to resolve these; to move people further forward feeling that this has some bearing on our own happiness.  The angels see codependency as focusing all our energy on the issues and problems of others and turning a blind eye to our own.  This is not productive at all and a lot of people use this as a way to make other people the issue instead of themselves as the solution.  It is time to take an honest view of what is not working for you and understand that no other person is the issue. It is also a good time to see how much attention, energy and focus you are giving to someone in your life who is giving little to nothing back to you in return.  It is time to stop fuelling this person in this way and although that might be uncomfortable things cannot change into what you deserve and want them to be until you stop filling this void with your energy.  Nature abhors a vacuum which means that when this energy you are pouring into this relationship is no longer there something must be produced by the universe to take its place.  This is the work of the angels and is not something that you need to worry about or make happen.  Your job for this week is to bring your focus back to you instead of gifting this energy to someone else through your worry about what they are thinking and doing, your fear that without you making an effort nothing will work out with this person or trying to solve their problems for them.  It is time to depend on yourself and the angels and allow what will be to be.  So many of us that try to assist others to the point of ignoring our own needs have problems with letting things flow, but the angels show me that this is what is needed going forward to improve things.  Their message: “you can’t make things better by fighting to make them so, step back let us handle this.”
The angels show me that now is a good time to take a break either figuratively or phyiscally and to get away from the norm.  Most of us find this much easier to do by physically going to a different place and changing our energy that way, but the angels guide me that this can be achieved also by changing our emotional setpoint and our energetic one also.  This is something for you and your highest good and the angels are guiding me that this is the best time to do this.  If you can get away somewhere this week (if only for a few days) enjoy every moment of this because it is going to really boost your mood, your energy and your vibration; changing a lot of the energy around the things that you are wanting most at this time.  If you cannot get time away from home the angels encourage you to meditate, to take time out for yourself, take a long soak in a salt water bath and simply change your perspective on things by thinking about what is going well and right and enjoy those moments of simply being yourself.  This break from the normal worrying, trying to do everything yourself and running yourself ragged is going to really have huge implications for your manifestations and the way in which you feel.  Things are shifting in the energy of this planet and trying harder and harder is no longer going to work, this means that you need to take a step back, relax and look at things from a place of peace and you can do this with or without goign away for a break.  Make this choice for yourself, decide that things can be better and that you want and deserve a change.  It’s all about changing that old pattern.
The person that is bothering you (and by that they mean being the main focus of your thought at this time) is a soul mate.  People think that we have one soulmate our entire lives but this is simply not the case. It would be impossible with all the changes and evolution that we go through in this life to expect and assume that one other person will be at the same frequency at the exact same times forever, it is impossible.  Therefore, at different points in our process different people will resonate with us on different levels and not all soul mates have romantic implications. This person is important and there is much that you can learn from your interaction with them.  This is why you are feeling as strongly as you do about their behaviour and the ways in which they seem to be reacting to you.  It is tough when we feel like this to think that instead of worrying about what they are doing we need to think about ourselves but this is what soulmates do, they highlight what needs to be addressed and given more energy in our own lives and this is what is happening for you now.  What is bugging you?  That is what you need to resolve within you.  What do they do that makes you feel amazing?  You need to do more of that for yourself…  The angels hope you see the pattern.  This person is in your life for the purpose of showing you the way to get more, to be more and to have more.  Allow them to do this in the way they need to for your own best good and be grateful for them no matter what that way entails.  It’s all for your best and highest good in the long run even if it may not be perfect now, it will be if you let it.
Love and Light
Helen xxx
This weeks guidance was taken from the Golden Deck.

Weekly Reading 21st – 27th July 2014

Love is the focus of this week, whether new or re-newed the light the angels are shining on the next few days is that of love and relationships. The angels are showing me that the key to this is compassion and not making assumptions. We are all guilty of assuming that we know what other people are thinking, what their behaviour means and what they are ‘really’ saying. The angels are very much pointing to the fact that this week it is all about hearing and seeing what is actually being shown and said and not jumping to conclusions. If you are unsure simply ask and ascertain the facts. Do not assume that someone is acting a certain way when they may not be. It is also a good time to look at and give your attention to yourself and what you need. When we are often looking at our relationships and seeing what they are lacking and what they are not providing for us, we are not seeing what we want and need from the other person, but from ourselves. Society tells us that relationships should be a certain way to work and that we should be given certain things as expected and just for being part of a couple and this is not only unreasonable but it is untrue. The things that you need to be happy have to come from you, to you. Not from you to the other person or the other way around. No one but you can make you happy and can make you feel loved, that is a feeling that comes from you. This week shows signs of progress in personal relationships, re-connections with people that you have missed and steps forwards towards commitment for others.

Although you may feel like throwing in the towel and giving in the angels are guiding me that now is not the time. Even though it might feel as though things are totally out of your control and that you are spiralling they urge you to stick with it because it is only through determination, courage and tenacity that things are truly going to change. I know that this can be tough to see and understand but the angels are very much promoting courage, sticking to your convictions and above all not quitting at this time. It is through these tough times that we learn what we are truly capable of and who we are. Be courageous and be brave because things will get better, and quitting now will only bring back a similar issue further down the line. It might not seem like it but these tough times are serving you, teaching you and helping you to grow and even though you might want to take some time off from learning and growing the angels ask that you keep moving forward, keep trying and do not surrender now. Things will improve much quicker if you don’t give up now.

The final message that the angels have this week is that joy, ecstasy and happiness can come at any moment. They do not have to be when the work is done and the weekend has rolled around. It does not need a lottery win or for all the debts to be cleared it simply needs to be allowed to be and to have the room to be part of your experience and your life. The way that this can happen is to appreciate and revel in the small things that bring you joy and happiness and to be open to experiencing that happiness at any time. We all affix so many terms and conditions to our happiness, we all decide it has to come from a certain way or a particular person and the angels want to remind you that this is cutting off many avenues that can lead to that wonderful feeling. We often feel good but spend the time worrying that it won’t last, that something terrible is going to happen to ruin this good place we are in and guess what happens…exactly what you thought would happen. The angels instead ask that you be open to the feeling of excitement, joy, happiness and ecstasy because it could find you at any moment when you are open to it.

Love and Light
Helen xxx

This weeks guidance comes from the Black Deck.

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Weekly Reading 14th – 20th July 2014

The angels are showing that there is a lot of focus on career and work this week.  A different perspective is needed now to really get the most from what you do and what you want at this time.  So many of us go through the motions when it comes to work and career, keeping our heads down, giving 90% and trying to think of the money and the reasons that we have to take this job in the first place.  The angels know that this is not the way to achieve a rewarding career or to increase the income flow of abundance to you and this is the focus of this week.  I am guided that the energy around career and working life needs to shift over the next few days because the way things are going it is not going to bring any rewards and you may find yourself losing faith and enjoyment in the aspects of your working life that you used to love and appreciate and this is what the angels are guiding me to.  This would also be a good time for anyone procrastinating or considering a change of career or business to look more into this because when the idea comes knocking that is time to see what the angels are trying to bring into your attention and that something much more aligned with who you are and what you want is on the horizon.  At this time career and enjoyment of what you do is very important because if you do not love what you spend a lot of your time doing then you are going to struggle to find the energy to enjoy much else because of how draining it will be to drag yourself through a day at work.  Find reasons to enjoy what you do no matter how small and if you are looking for a change of direction in your working life, now is the time.
Another set of guidance that is coming through very strongly is that it is time for people to tap into their creativity more than they have been doing.  The angels know that this is something that makes some people feel uncomfortable because they feel that they cannot paint well enough for people to look at or write poetry that could be the next award winning sonnet but the angels show me that this is not about other people approving of or appreciating what you have created but for you to tap into that creative expression.  Creativity is what makes the world go around.  The angels are creative beings that use what they have before them to create what we want to see (what we give our energy and attention to most) in our lives.  The angels urge you to find a creative outlet to tap into this energy that is very powerful.  Perhaps draw your life the way you want it to be, write your life as a script as though all your dreams have already come true, make a pot to go in your new big house…Whatever it is that allows you to actively create something and get that creative energy moving.  When you are more creative you understand that you can make something beautiful from something else that was less beautiful, you know that you can see the beauty in something that might not have been overly apparent and you can be open-minded.  All great tools in creating your own life.  Let the creative energy flow this week, you will see some exciting rewards the more you do this.
The final message that the angels have for you this week is the idea of building foundations.  This means that they are showing me that even though you may not know how you want to achieve your biggest goals that you can start with something small that will open many doors of opportunity for you.  If you want to be healthy and stronger they suggest that you undertake looking into some physical fitness information and building up your knowledge about how you can make this work for you. If you want to start our own business, look at what information you need to know. Gain some understanding of something that you can do to build a solid foundation for your manifestation to come to life.
Love and Light
Helen xxx
This weeks guidance was taken from the turquoise deck.

Weekly Reading 7th – 13th July 2014

The first thing that I am being shown for us this week is that there is a lot happening and being presented to us, things that are literally being pushed right into our faces and that even though these might not be the things that we want to see or indeed have happening in our lives right now, is essential for our growth and progress. The angels are always on hand helping us to make progress on our path and a lot of the time we would notice this if we were paying attention and seeing things correctly. However, we find it easier to focus on how we want things to change and be different and not what is right in front of us at that time. We often turn our attention away from the things that are happening at the present time because they make us umcofortable, we do not know how to progress them or we simply want for something else. The angels understand this but they ask that we try to focus for some time on where we are in the moment because when we do this we can see that the angels are on hand helping us and that the things that seem so terrible, wrong or stressful are really just our reactions to something which could be a positive just as easily as it could be a negative. We are being asked to notice the signs and the ways in which the angels help us this week. Pay attention for feathers, for coins and other small signs that let you know that an angel is near helping you. Ask for a specific sign for example a butterfly and notice how many times you see it that day. The angels want you us to relax into the knowing that they are around us at all times and even the most trying of situations, when you allow the angels to assist you, can become more positive than you can imagine right now.

I am being shown that there is a lot of worry around financial security and success at the moment and a lot of people are starting to feel that following thier joy in terms of their career may not be the best way to achieve success. The angels want to clarify that there is a sense of confusing making money with being a success because the two things are not the same. In our society today they may seem to be the same thing because they are closely linked but you can be a success without making a huge amount of money and you can make a huge amount of money without being a success. The key at this time is to not get them caught up as having to have both and understanding what your actual understanding of being a success is. We often rate our own success based on what other people consider successful and that is never going to be satisfying or indeed useful. Instead what the angels are asking is that you focus on what you enjoy and love about your career and your work and put your attention and energy into this so that more of this comes to you, boosting your mood and your output and increasing your success and abundance at the same time. When you try to be a success you are not allowing yourself to be a success, you are standing in the flow of your abundance and it cannot get to where it needs to go. Instead of looking at your success in terms of what you have in the bank look at your success in terms of how good you feel when you do a good job, when you help someone and when you feel as though you truly accomplished something. Gaining those feelings will only bring more reasons and more ways (including money) for you to achieve more of this in your life.

New beginnings are also a big factor of this coming week so do not be surprised if something that you thought was done and gone seems to get a new lease of life. Perhaps someone that you have not spoken to for some time is going to get back in touch or an issue you have been avoiding is going to be put into prominence. Whatever it is that is going to happen, the angels want you to know that this is not the end of something old but the start of something new and this means that it is not the same as it was before, that there are new lessons for you to achieve and aspire to and that you are on a new part of your path. It’s not time to look back and compare how things were before or what happened last time because that does not apply. It’s time to forge into your future and to let go of what no longer serves you. It’s time to move forward not stay where you are or move backwards. Time to take charge of what happens for you next.

Love and Light
Helen xxx

This weeks guidance was taken from the purple deck.

Weekly Reading 30th June – 6th July 2014

The angels know that it is easy to look at something that is not going the way you wanted it to go or in some cases seems to be the exact opposite of what you wanted, and think that this is all that there is to it.  That the things we want are never going to work out and that we might as well give up on them now.  The angels ask that even though this might be something that you are feeling right now, that this is the last thing that you want to do because this is opening the door for them to find a different way for you to learn what lesson is being put right in front of you at this time.  Sometimes you have to adapt and think about the old saying ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’.  This time is about seeing what good can come out of what may be unwanted, but more than that, to think about what positives you can create from the seemingly negative.  Nothing is ever all bad or all good, there is always some of the other in what stands before you and this is when you are called upon to make this what you want it to be, to make it the best that it can be and to not give up or throw the towel in.  This time is all about boosting that creative energy that is used to manifest your entire life and to use your inherent creativity to see things in another light.  Don’t think that just because something isn’t looking the way that you wanted it to at this moment in time that you cannot make it into something better that brings in new energy, new focus and new possibilities for you going ahead.  So many go us give up when if we took a different perspective we could find ourselves somewhere wonderful and full of new potential and this is coming through very strongly at this time.  It’s not time to simply think that the world is against you and that you are not going to get what you want and what you deserve, it just means that there is a different way to aspire and achieve this and that calls for you to be adaptable at this time.  See the positives in these apparent negatives and unwanted and the world becomes a much different place indeed.

I am also being given that at this time a lot of us are looking for our big payout, our reward for all the things that we have done to get to where we are now, the reward for the growth and the learning and the angels are saying that we are blocking this from coming to us ourselves by having tunnel like vision that is only focused on that one big thing that we have been wanting for a long time.  The angels give every single one of us gifts every single day.  Small, sometimes seemingly insignificant gifts that if we were to stop and notice we would increase the flow of them.  Sometimes we shrug these off and think ‘that’s nice but it is not what I want’ and this is almost an air of being ungrateful when instead if we took a moment to truly appreciate this the more would come to us and the greater the momentum would be in these things.  When we notice these smaller gifts and are truly grateful for them, smile and enjoy them the bigger and better the next one is, and the one after that and of that.  Adopting an attitude of gratitude for even the most seemingly trivial little gift that the angels bestow is the only way to make movement towards that which you are looking for everyday and that you want most.  The angels want to know that when the time is right for this to be your experience that you are going to notice it, be pleased with it and most of all appreciate it.  If we are turning a blind eye to these smaller gifts we are not ready to accept the big reward that we are looking out for at all times.  Look for these small gifts whether it be a message from a friend that makes you smile, your favourite song on the radio wherever you are, a feather in your path that shows an angel is near, whatever it is thank the angels and enjoy knowing that they are bringing you gifts and blessings all the time.

I am being shown that there is a great feeling of lack and fear at the moment because things seem to be taking so much time to achieve and to manifest and the angels show me that needing to become centred and grounded is very important at this time because when you become fearful and doubtful you disconnect yourself from the easy flow of energy that creates the things that you want.  The greater desire you have for something that is lacking the more you repel it away from you. The more you doubt the possibility of something the more reasons you create to doubt and the greater the delay.  The angels are showing me that meditation, grounding and becoming in charge of your energy is very important at this time to be able to quieten that little voice that seems to know all the reasons that something is not going to work out for you and why you don’t deserve it.  That voice needs to be quietened by going within and remembering that your true self knows your value and your worth and does not doubt, does not fear and allows.  Get back into the flow of this creative energy by remembering that none of this fear is real, the lack does not mean that it is not coming and that you are powerful enough to get passed this hurdle and back on the road heading towards everything you have declared you want and the angels know you deserve.  Mediate, ground and go within.

Love and Light

Helen xxx


This reading was performed using the Pink Deck.

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